Wearing the right kind of shoes with your outfit can be a solid game changer, whether you’re dressing up formally or casually. You would most definitely want to put your best put forward in your best shoes that are appropriate for the occasion and avoid having a fashion faux-pas.
Every occasion demands a different kind of footwear, even if the line is blurring a little in the recent past, but some shoes are only apt for formal dressing while others are an absolute no for a black tie event.
Check out our guide listed below to help you choose wisely and tell you a little more about the footwear you own and the ones you should own!
  1. Oxford Shoes
The basic dress shoe, oxford shoes are the most versatile to pair with almost anything and depending on their colour and style, they can help you dress up or down. The most recognizable characteristics of an Oxford shoe are the closed lacing, low heel, and long toe. Our classic favourite is the The Canne Stingray Leather Black Oxfords for that timeless, sophisticated look!
Often confused with Oxford shoes, they are in fact quite distinct in characteristics and have an open lacing system, splitting the vamp in half and laces. The wide and comfortable lacing makes it more casual than oxford shoes and the smooth leather design adds sophistication to your outfit. Our Jameson Tan Derby is one of our best sellers !

Origination in the 19th Century in Chelsea, London, the laceless boots are minimal and timeless in their appeal. Traditionally made in leather, there are options in suede as well. They have a tight fitting and cut right at the ankle with an elastic side panel to give you a comfortable fit and the perfect pair to spend all day in. Our favourite are the Tan coloured ones from our collection 


4. Loafers-

One of the most common type of footwear, known for their luxurious look and comfort for a smart semi formal look. Loafers are available in 9 different styles, each appropriate for a different type of occasion. For a smart casual look, these dapper shoes go well with long pants, jeans, chinos and even shorts! Its difficult to pick a favourite when it comes to loafers, here's our best seller :

Spanish Tassel Loafers - Coffee Brown



5. Dress Boot-

Prevalent since the Victorian era, Dress Boots are slim with high ankles and perfect for the colder months. Dress Boots are more on the casual side of footwear and are not recommended to wear with suits or tuxedos. They immediately add a touch of sophistication to your otherwise bland outfit when paired correctly. 

Davidoff Crocodile Boots- Blue


6. Monk Straps-

Available in single, double or triple buckled straps across the top of them, the easy slip on shoe is more formal than a loafer, and with just the right amount of shoe shine, they are ideal for formal events as well. A classic from our collection is the Chris Berluti Monk Starps


Berluti Monkstrap Shoes- Tan



7. Chukka Boots-

A Chukka Boot can be a formal or casual shoe depending on the silhouette you choose. A slim silhouette is best for formal wear because of the simplicity of the style. A chunky sole will make the shoe more casual and laid-back. It is the open lace and ankle-length design that allows this comfortable shoe to be more versatile in style. A favoured choice among our clients is the Jodhpuri Chukka Black

Jodhpuri Chukka Boots - Black



At Vantier shooes we are 100% committed to design and create shoes that are a statement of style and finesse alongwith superior comfort for the wearer. 


We are proud to say that we are one of India's leading brand for Men's Formal Shoes. 

Each shoe is handcrafted by our experienced shoe makers using authentic Italian molds with the use of very exotic and top quality european leather. 


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June 15, 2022 — Curated By Me